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About James Dickenson

I’m a current journalism trainee with the News Associates who graduated from the University of Leeds this summer after reading History.

A Londoner who has found himself living in Leeds for the fourth successive year, I am trying to break into the seemingly vaulted industry of sports writing.

This blog is where I have unloaded my views/comments/outbursts since 2009.

Do get in touch if you want a word, and I hope you like what you see!



  1. Thanks for the comments mate. Hope I gave you some sliver of insight into my course. If you’re interested I’d be happy to have a word with my course tutors.

    Looks like you’ve got plenty to say on the governing bodies inability to grasp the concept of common sense. Especially with regard to Adebayor’s demonstrations of stupidity (he must have taken on that mantle from Martin fricking Keown’s days with the Gooners) and Eduardo’s harsh treatment. I’m personally glad they didn’t pursue tha idea of retrospecive fines because it would have set some ridiculous precedent that would have never been consistent.

    So, what i’m trying to say is you should get back on the horse and write up some more articles. There’s no time like the present when you’re procrastinating over the latest history essay on something like: The economic implications for the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the late twentieth-century…

    Yeah, chatting about football and the Prem always wins hands down!

    Comment by Sam | October 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hey Jamie,

    My name is Alexia and I was wondering if you ever feature guest posts on your blog. I have an article about an upcoming MMA fight event and I would love it if I could get some publicity on your wonderful blog. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in.



    Comment by Alexia Krause | June 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Alexia,
      No i’m afraid i have never featured a gues post on my blog but it is something i would be interested in.
      I haven’t written about mixed martial arts before and am directing my focus towards the fifa world cup in the next coming weeks. However i would be willing to have a read of the article and put it up on the blog if i like it.
      If you send it over i can have a look and give you some feedback.
      For future benefit it is really easy to set up a blog, i did mine a year ago and it is completely free!
      hope i have been of help,

      Comment by jdickenson100 | June 8, 2010 | Reply

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